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Intact virgin forests are found not just in remote, faraway places such as the Amazon or Alaska.

In the heart of Europe, untouched paradise forests still exist to this very day.  Especially in Romania, large areas of original, intact natural forests remain.  These beautiful forests are not just irreplaceable European natural heritage, they are a shared global treasure.

However, this precious paradise is at risk, threatened by greed, bad governance and logging, both legal and illegal.  In only the past 10 years, many treasured places have been destroyed.  At this very moment, new roads and logging machines are bulldozing into some of the last, wildest areas of Europe.  Many of these places remain unprotected in Romania.

Time is running out.  If immediate action is not taken, many of the remaining virgin and natural forests will soon be gone, lost forever.

This is why the EuroNatur Foundation and the Romanian environmental protection organisation, Agent Green, have teamed up with other organisations and committed and passionate individuals to draw attention to the immediate threat to this unique natural European heritage and to fight for its protection.

Our current focus is on Europe’s most important virgin native forest home:  Romania.

The mutual #saveparadiseforests campaign aims to:

  • Complete a rapid assessment / mapping of all old growth and primary forest areas in Romania
  • Ensure immediate protection of these areas through their listing on Romania’s “National Catalog of Virgin Forests”
  • Secure comprehensive protection of all state owned old growth and primary forests
  • Secure a logging moratorium in all privately owned old growth and primary forests (until these forests can be permanently protected in cooperation with landowners)
  • Ensure proper policing to stamp out illegal logging and illegal wood trafficking (according to national and EU legislation) and massively improve compliance with nature conservation requirements (esp. in EU Natura 2000 sites)
  • Secure a huge expansion in the protection status of nature zones in national parks (according to international standards as set by IUCN)
  • Revolutionise forestry to a near natural state so that it works with natural processes and not against them.

We need all the support we can get.

Please get involved in this critical campaign to save Romania’s forests, share campaign information, participate in actions and events and support the work of the sponsoring organisations through a kind donation.

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