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Romanian Parliament: Hurdles for police operations against illegal logging?

The Romanian NGO Agent Green raises concerns about the ongoing political debate in the Parliament to restrict rights of Romanian Gendarmerie, Police and Border Police to take action against illegal logging.

Agent Green filed an official request to the Chamber of Deputies today, to restore the rights of these bodies of state control.

The current form of the draft legislation amending Law no. 171/2010 on establishing and sanctioning the forestry contraventions could severely limit the authority of the Gendarmerie, Police and Border Police, whose presence in areas of potential social danger and high risk of illegal activities remains a crucial necessity.

The current leadership of the Ministry of Water and Forests requested legal chances that employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs should not be allowed to check wood transports from the mountains and national parks of Romania any more. According to the amendment the competency of Police forces would be limited to check  collectors of mushrooms and berries only…

On the other side, the ongoing destruction of the Romanian forest has been declared, by Law no. 51/1991, a threat to the national security of the country.

Agent Green: “It is an unprecedented situation that must be urgently resolved!”

February 2017, Fagaras Natura 2000 site: International forest protectors call on Romanian Government to take action against illegal logging of Europe’s last large primary forests in Romania.