Illegal logging contest in Carpathians last virgin forests

Agent Green calls on Romanian Government and EU to take urgent action

1386 hectares of state owned virgin forests discovered in year 2005 in Tarcu Mountains Natura 2000 site (Carpathians) are being currently illegally logged with the consent of Resita forest district breaking the forest law.

At least 28.951 m3 of wood have been extracted in the past 5 years by Susai Servcom from a single slope. The usual clients of the logging company are:

– Kronospan (Austrian)
– Holzindustrie Schweighofer (Austrian)
– Losan (Spanish)
– Massiv (USA)

Agent Green calls on the Environmental Ministry to immediately end logging in the Tarcu Mountains Natura 2000 site and to protect virgin forests in general by a logging moratorium.

As sites of highest European protection value are progressively devastated the EU needs to take action against violations of European regulations. Agent Green has launched an international petition to save Romania’s last virgin forests.

Agent Green urges Kronospan, Holzindustrie Schweighofer, Losan and Massiv to publicly commit to refusing wood harvested from virgin and quasi forests.

TARCU MOUNTAINS NATURA 2000 SITE, ROMANIA: Logging in virgin forest in the Natura 2000 site Tarcu Mountains, which is protected by both the EU's Habitat and Bird Directive. Romania hosts 2/3 of EU's virgin forest remains. But logging is progressing rapidly, driven forward by greed and corruption of timber and logging industry and neglectance of authorities.
Logging of virgin forest, Tarcu Mountains Natura 2000 site.