Bialowieza: EuroNatur and Agent Green welcome ruling of European Court of Justice and call for forest aid in Romania

EU must also take action now to save Europe’s largest virgin forests in Romania

The final decision by the European Court of Justice is clear: The logging approved in Poland’s Bialowieza Forest is not legal. The widespread impact of logging on natural forest habitats and protected species in the Natura 2000 site is not compatible with European law. EuroNatur Foundation and Agent Green welcome the binding decision by the supreme court, which cannot be countered legally by Poland any more. “This is a major success for all defenders of Europe’s last primeval and old growth forests”, said Gabriel Schwaderer, Executive Director of EuroNatur Foundation.

EuroNatur and Agent Green point out the even bigger disaster, happening in Romania, where two thirds of Europe’s last virgin forests are located – and being logged systematically and before the eyes of the Romanian government. “We call on the EU institutions to immediately take action to stop the disastrous devastation of the EU’s largest remains of primeval forests in Romania. The dimension of the forest drama in Romania exceeds the Polish case by far – and almost nobody is aware of the tragic forest destruction in Romania”, stated Gabriel Schwaderer.

“The EU institutions have been witness to the ongoing forest drama in Romania for too long. This is Europe’s biggest nature crisis – and it needs an urgent response“, Gabriel Paun, president of the Romanian environmental NGO Agent Green said. “Large scale logging and destruction of old forest stands in Natura 2000 sites is breaking European law. The Romanian government is not halting logging of primary and old growth forests in national parks and other protected areas. On the contrary, the logging has increased in the past few years continuously. Therefore an EU infringement procedure following the Polish case is to be expected.“

Destruction of old growth forest in Romania’s Domogled – Valea Cernei national park, which is also designated as Natura 2000  and UNESCO World Heritage site.