Fact Finding Mission in Cernisoara District; Domogled National Park, Romania

Romania / Domogled National Park: Fact finding trip by MEP Thomas Waitz in Cernisoara district, in upper Cerna valley. Only 50% of Donmogled National Park are protected, the rest is treated like an area outside the park. In 2017 state forestry Romsilva approved logging in wild valleys in Cernisoara district with highly valuable old growth forest. In March 2017 logging in pathless Radoteasa valley was started. There are plans to expand logging into some more untouched areas. Activists from ANGO gent Green confronted managers of Romsilva, who are managingt the national park, with protest against the progressing destruction of the protected area. Domogled National Park is also designated as Natura 2000 site and (partly) as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Romania hosts mots of Europe’s last large old growth and primeval forests.